Qlikview Button Run Macro

This post demonstrates how to use the Qlikview Button object to run a VBScript Macro.  In some instances, you would like to setup buttons within your Qlikview application, allowing users to initiate actions to interact with the app.  Qlikview Button objects provide a robust set of actions you can setup to accomplish various tasks.  The focus of this post is simply showing you how to setup a very basic VBScript macro to run on the click of a button.  More detailed examples (different posts on the site) are listed at the end of this post.

Qlikview Quick Tips:  Qlikview Button Run Macro

First, add a Button to your Qlikview application:

Qlikview Button Run Macro

In the Button properties, make the following updates:

In the “General” tab, add Button Text “Run Macro”

In the “Actions” tab, click on “Add”, then select External for the Action Type, then Run Macro for the Action.  Click OK.

Qlikview Button Run Macro

Next, click on the “Edit Module…” button within the “Actions” tab, and add the Sub Routine below:

Also, make sure you set the following under “Requested Module Security” in the lower left margin of the Edit Module Window:

  • Requested Module Security = System Access
  • Current Local Security = Allow System Access

These settings are defined by Qlikview Help:

Requested Module Security:

  • By selecting Safe Mode the document designer indicates that the macros in this QlikView document contain no code that can access either the system or applications outside QlikView. If such code is encountered during macro execution in a document declared to be in Safe Mode, the execution will fail.
  • By selecting System Access mode the document designer ensures that the end user will be prompted when opening the document to either approve system access (Allow System Access), disable all macros in the document (Disable Macros) or allow only macros without system access (Safe Mode).

Current Local Security:

  • When opening a document declared to be in safe mode but containing potentially “unsafe” macro code, the user will be prompted (see Requested Module Security above). The user’s action will be remembered by the system but this setting can be changed at a later time from this menu. Macro security level can be set to Don’t Run at All, Only Safe Mode or Allow System Access.

Qlikview Button Run Macro

Once you Qlik “OK” above, all you need to do now is assign the Macro Name in the “Actions” tab.

Qlikview Button Run Macro

Click OK.  You now have a button that will execute the module “RunMacro”.  Go ahead and click on the button.  You will see the following:

Qlikview Button Run Macro

There you have it!  You just ran a VBScript macro by the click of a button!

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