Qlikview Binary Load

This post demonstrates how to load data from another QVW file, referred to as Qlikview Binary Load.

From Qlikview Help:  The binary statement is used for loading the data from another QlikView document, including section access data. It does not load the layout information or variables.  Only one binary statement is allowed in the script and it must be the first statement of the script, even before the SET statements usually located at the beginning of the script.


Say you have a need to build a new Qlikview application and no longer have access to the original data source you need to model from.  However, there is an existing Qlikview application that has used the data model you need.  Using the Qlikview Binary Load, you will be able to use the data model by loading the data from the previous Qlikview document.

Here is what the data model looks like in the existing Qlikview application:


Qlikview Binary Load


Open a new Qlikview file and go into the Load Script page.  Add the following line at the VERY TOP of the Load Script:


Qlikview Binary Load


Load Script Text:


Execute the Data Load in your new Qlikview application and review the data model.  You should see the same as the original:


Qlikview Binary Load


That does it!  You now have full access to the same data model used in the original Qlikview application.


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