When working with tables in SQL, you will sometimes encounter field values that are empty or missing, which is referred to as NULL.  This occurs during the creation of a record in a given table, when the field is not required to have a value.  This differs from zero values or spaces, and cannot be … Read more

SQL CHOOSE Logical Function

The SQL CHOOSE Logical Function returns the item at the specified index from a list of values in SQL Server.  I’ve used it sporadically, but it equates to a work around for the CASE statement, making the query a bit more readable in some instances.  Let’s get to a couple examples. SQL CHOOSE Logical Function … Read more

SQL IN Logical Operator

The following post provides a few simple examples on how to utilize the SQL IN Logical Operator when executing T-SQL statements.  There are several techniques that make this a very useful statement in the WHERE clause. From the Microsoft Documentation site:  Logical operators test for the truth of some condition. Logical operators, like comparison operators, … Read more