Excel VBA Split Delimited List

The following post illustrates how to split a delimited list of values in a cell, using a VBA module.  I will demo a simple example where I received a semi-colon delimited list of email addresses, and I wanted to split them up into individual cells.  I use this VBA code frequently, and figured it would be a good code snippet to share on the site.

Excel VBA Split Delimited List – Setup

This post was written using Microsoft Excel 2013

Let’s say you have a list of email addresses, delimited by a semi-colon, similar to the following:


Using the VBA code below, you can split this delimited list of values into separate cells:

Here is what it looks like after running the code above, assuming you place the delimited list in Cell A1:

Excel VBA Split Delimited List

That’s all there is to it.  Feel free to post any additional examples or comments.



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