Qlikview IntervalMatch

By definition in Qlikview Help:  The Qlikview IntervalMatch prefix is used to create a table matching discrete numeric values to one or more numeric intervals. It must be placed before a Load or Select (SQL)statement that loads the intervals. The field containing the discrete data points must already have been loaded into QlikView before the … Read more


The following code snippet will identify the MAX value on a given dimension(s), based on the value of a specified field.  This works well if you are trying to determine which value of a given dimension that you would like to display, if there are multiple options. By Definition:  Returns the sequential number of a … Read more

Qlikview Export Chart to QVD

A QVD (QlikView Data) file is a file containing a table of data exported from QlikView.  These data files maintain the compressed/optimized traits of QVW files, prove to be efficient, and can be reloaded 10-100 faster than normal data sources. Recently, I was building an expression heavy straight table chart.  Unfortunately, a user was unable to filter the content because most … Read more

Qlikview List Box

Once you have created your Qlikview application and loaded the data, the first task you will often perform is adding List Box objects to your sheet.  This is a very simple task: Right-click on your mouse, then select Add Object-List Box:     Or, right-click on your mouse, then choose Select Fields     You … Read more