Power BI Fill Feature

From time to time, you will be asked to build a dashboard with data provided by an end user or client. This post will demonstrate the Power BI Fill Feature, which is one of many useful transformation capabilities available in Power BI Desktop. Specifically, this use case data is filled only at the top row … Read more


Today’s post is short, but it outlines the SQL BETWEEN Operator.  I’ve been using SQL for many years and I have not used this operator before, but came across it a couple weeks back.  It essentially selects values within a given range, and the values specified are included in the results (i.e. greater than or … Read more

Qlikview Inner Keep

This post demonstrates the use of the Qlikview Inner Keep Load Script prefix. For my use case, I am loading an Inline table with sample transaction data, then using the Inner Keep prefix in a separate code block, which references the resident table.  The result will filter down or reduce the initial table content, to … Read more