Today’s post is short, but it outlines the SQL BETWEEN Operator.  I’ve been using SQL for many years and I have not used this operator before, but came across it a couple weeks back.  It essentially selects values within a given range, and the values specified are included in the results (i.e. greater than or … Read more

Qlikview Inner Keep

This post demonstrates the use of the Qlikview Inner Keep Load Script prefix. For my use case, I am loading an Inline table with sample transaction data, then using the Inner Keep prefix in a separate code block, which references the resident table.  The result will filter down or reduce the initial table content, to … Read more


When working with tables in SQL, you will inevitably need to combine the contents of two or more tables at some point.  The SQL MERGE statement provides a quick and straight-forward way to accomplish this task.  The SQL MERGE statement performs insert, update, or delete operations on a target table based on the results of … Read more